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New Book Announcement: Wish Upon a K-Star

I'm publishing another book in the K-Verse! So excited to bring you Moonster's story in 2025!

In the glittering world of K-Pop and K-Dramas any sniff of a scandal can mean ruin. So, when a PR snafu happens between idol Moonster of the world famous group WDB and rising K-Drama darling Shin Hyeri, the two must join Korea's most popular fake dating variety show in order to get their careers back on track—but what kind of disaster awaits them when they actually start to fall in love?

Even when I was writing Once Upon a K-Prom I had an idea for how Moon Minseok's story could play out. He's a jokester and mischievous but he has such a big heart. And his humor is often a shield for his very tender soul. He is a caregiver (considered the "mom" of WDB) so I wanted to give him someone who brought that out in him more, but who also makes him a little crazy at the same time.

Enter Shin Hyeri, an idol turned actress that Minseok has actually known since they were trainees as kids. And someone who has had a really hard time of it. Since her older brother debuted years ago in a very popular group, she's gotten a lot of scrutiny and even hate from anti-fans saying that she only debuted because of her brother's popularity. Now, she is fighting to make her own space in the entertainment industry and to prove that she belongs. The only problem is that she's suddenly beholden to Moonster, the one guy who presses all of her buttons. Will they be able to put aside their history for the sake of the show?

I cannot wait for you all to read their story in 2025 out with Disney-Hyperion.

Go HERE for more info on Wish Upon a K-Star.

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